GOBIOM Release Notes

Genomic Coordinates and VCF Search

A new search type ‘Genomic Coordinates & VCF Search’ provided in the ‘Search’ tab. This feature enables following searches. 

  1. Genomic Search: Submit Genomic coordinates separated by a new line or upload a coordinate file either in GRCh37.p13 or GRCh38.p6 assembly format.
    • Example:
      • Chr20:5294865
      • Chr20:5283039
      • Chr20:5294762
      • Chr20:5282730
      • Chr20:5283323
  2. VCF Search: Submit VCF record with one variant per line or upload a file either in ‘.vcf’ or ‘.txt’ format in GRCh37.p13 or GRCh38.p6 assembly format.
    • Example:
      • CHROM     POS       ID                   REF    ALT
      • 20             5294865   rs144994507    C         T
      • 20             5283039   rs78861628      G        A
      • 20             5294762   rs74315418      C        A
      • 20             5282730   rs201023639    C        G
      • 20             5283323   rs74315416      A        C

Upon search, genetic variants present in the GOBIOM database are displayed in the same window

User can access Biomarker details either on clicking GVKBMID or Biomarker name or can export the data to flat file for further analysis

Salient features of GOBIOM

  1. Controlled vocabulary throughout
  2. Web-enabled search application for quick and easy access
  3. Intuitive User Interface with comprehensive search features
  4. Instant generation of ‘biomarker report’
  5. Data export options in custom format to Excel, XML and PDF
  6. Provision of user-required data in their own formats
  7. Easy integration with client proprietary data
  8. On-demand service for any biomarker addition into the database
  9. Competitive intelligence analysis
  10. "Alert a Colleague" option to share the data with other users
  11. Biweekly update with auto alert function
  12. Custom alert by therapeutic area and biomarker name
  13. On-demand training sessions
  14. A dedicated server located in USA with backup server in India

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