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GVK Biosciences licenses its Biomarker Database to The Division of Cancer Prevention, National Cancer Institute

September 4th, 2012; Hyderabad, India: GVK Biosciences (GVK BIO), Asia's leading contract research organization announced today that it has licensed its popular clinical biomarker database (GOBIOM) to the prestigious Division of Cancer Prevention (DCP), National Cancer Institute (NCI). The GOBIOM (GVK BIO Online Biomarker Database) is a comprehensive collection of all clinically evaluated, exploratory and preclinical biomarkers associated with different therapeutic areas reported in global clinical trials, clinical and preclinical studies. GOBIOM contains information on 15,500 biomarkers comprising of Biochemical, Genomic, Imaging, Metabolite, Cellular and Physiological markers with multiple data points covering experimental, analytical, clinical, preclinical and statistical data with their qualifications under different medical interventions. GOBIOM covers over 100 different ethnicities, provides extensive information on approved assay methodologies & companion diagnostics and is a powerful tool for researchers and clinicians worldwide. Biomarker Research is growing exponentially in the area of Oncology. The GVK Database has over 6000 Clinically evaluated markers in oncology and growing. "GVK BIO is pleased that the DCP chose the GVK BIO Biomarker Database for its research efforts. It is a clear testimony to the quality, content and utility of the database. We look forward to working with DCP. The coverage in Oncology will enable researchers at the DCP to accelerate their discovery efforts", said Sreeni Devidas, Vice President, Sales & Marketing - Informatics.

Salient features of GOBIOM

  1. Controlled vocabulary throughout
  2. Web-enabled search application for quick and easy access
  3. Intuitive User Interface with comprehensive search features
  4. Instant generation of ‘biomarker report’
  5. Data export options in custom format to Excel, XML and PDF
  6. Provision of user-required data in their own formats
  7. Easy integration with client proprietary data
  8. On-demand service for any biomarker addition into the database
  9. Competitive intelligence analysis
  10. "Alert a Colleague" option to share the data with other users
  11. Biweekly update with auto alert function
  12. Custom alert by therapeutic area and biomarker name
  13. On-demand training sessions
  14. A dedicated server located in USA with backup server in India

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