GVKBIO Online Biomarker Database
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GVK BIO Online Biomarker Database - GOBIOM

GVK BIO Online Biomarker Database (GOBIOM) is a comprehensive biomarker database that provides information on Biochemical, Genomic, Imaging, Metabolite, Clinical Scoring scales and Cellular markers for 18 different therapeutic areas, covering 900+ therapeutic indications with its reported utilities like diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring disease progression, treatment response, surrogate, efficacy and toxicity. Information gathered from over 100,000 sources which include clinical trials, scientific conferences, regulatory-approved documents, literature databases etc.

Questions addressed by GOBIOM

  • Are there any diagnostic biomarkers?
  • Are there any biomarkers to identify disease progression and prognosis?
  • What are the markers linked to efficacy/toxicity of a drug?
  • Are there any biomarkers approved by regulatory authorities?
  • Is the biomarker translating from preclinical to clinical models?
  • What are the clinical endpoints to which a biomarker is significantly correlated?
  • What is the study population who would be most benefitted by a therapy?
  • How many clinical trials are associated with a given biomarker? What is the biomarker outcome in each trial?
  • What are the approved diagnostics for a given biomarker and who are the assay vendors?
  • What are the available companion diagnostics and is there any scope for development of new CDx?
  • What are the drug resistance biomarkers reported for a given therapy?
  • Competitive intelligence

Data Source

  • Authenticated clinical trial registries
  • Validated clinical trial results from pharmaceutical and biotech Companies
  • Annual meetings focused on different therapeutic areas
  • A large number of peer-reviewed journals
  • Other web resources and patents

Press Releases

  • US FDA Extends License of the GVK BIO Biomarker database
    February 04th, 2013; Hyderabad, India: GVK Biosciences (GVK BIO) today announced that it is extending its Clinical Biomarker Database (GOBIOM) license to the Biomarker Qualification Group of the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA). The GOBIOM database, which has the latest and recently updated information on all the biomarkers reported in various clinical and preclinical studies, will be beneficial to the USFDA in its Biomarker Qualification Process.

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What's new on GOBIOM

  • Companion diagnostics approved by regulatory agencies
  • 'In development' companion diagnostics
  • Drug resistance biomarkers
  • Novel biomarkers reported in last 6 months
  • PMDA, Japan approved diagnostics

Salient features of GOBIOM

  1. Controlled vocabulary throughout
  2. Web-enabled search application for quick and easy access
  3. Intuitive User Interface with comprehensive search features
  4. Instant generation of 'biomarker report'
  5. Data export options in custom format to Excel, XML and PDF
  6. Provision of user-required data in their own formats
  7. Easy integration with client proprietary data
  8. On-demand service for any biomarker addition into the database
  9. Competitive intelligence analysis
  10. "Alert a Colleague" option to share the data with other users
  11. Biweekly update with auto alert function
  12. Custom alert by therapeutic area and biomarker name
  13. On-demand training sessions
  14. A dedicated server located in USA with backup server in India

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