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Frequently Asked Questions


What is GOBIOM?
GOBIOM (GVK BIO Online Biomarker Database) is an online scientific database product of GVKBIO. The database is a comprehensive collection of all the clinically evaluated biomarkers associated with different therapeutic areas reported in global clinical trials and Preclinical markers in patents. GOBIOM has information on Biochemical, Genomic, Imaging and Metabolite markers with 340 data points for each marker covering its clinical as well as preclinical qualification. All data entries are hyperlinked to the Reference.
What is your selection criteria for a biomarker?
We follow biomarker definition by NIH
The official NIH definition of a biomarker is: "a characteristic that is objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biologic processes, pathogenic processes, or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention."
We go through all the clinical trials, published literature and scientific conferences to look at the studies where at least a single biomarker is measured. We developed ontology dictionary for the biomarker keyword, which is used to screen the literature.
What are your Literature sources?
GOBIOM literature sources includes Clinical trial registries, Clinical trial study result registries, Scientific Conferences, PubMed, Patents, 510K and PMA databases, FDA Approved Documents and Newsletters.
What is the source of ontologies, taxonomies?
We follow WHO ICD-10 and NCI for therapeutic class and disease classification. Adverse events data is mapped according to the MedDRA. Gene and Protein nomenclature is adopted according to NCBI gene. In other sections like Specimen and experimental methodology for which there is no standard ontologies are not available, GVKBIO developed own ontology.
Is GOBIOM has controlled vocabulary?
Sophisticated ontology infrastructure and in-house curation tool enable us to organize with controlled vocabulary dictionaries. All data points in GOBIOM are regulated through very stringent QA mechanism.
What are the export formats?
GOBIOM UI enable user to export data in MS Excel, XML and PDF formats.
Frequency of updates to web and dump?
For every 15 days GOBIOM online data is updated. Data feed is provided monthly, quarterly or annually according to client need.
How do you update the users with new information?
For every data update an automatic email will be sent to users by GOBIOM application. Enhancements in application will be updated to user and a training session will be conducted to train users on new features.
How can a user customize alerts?
User can set-up alerts on specific Therapeutic class, Nature, Biomarker and Disease name. User will receive email whenever data gets updated on those parameters.
Is it possible to provide the data in custom format?
Yes, data will be delivered in the client required format, GOBIOM data can be customized according to the client need.
Will you help us in integrating Gobiom with our internal databases?
Yes, GOBIOM team will help in integration of data with internal databases according to customer need. GOBIOM data can be easily integrated because it contains many public identifiers for Protein, Gene, Drug and Disease etc.
Explain your team?
GOBIOM team has world class pool of Ph.D or Masters in Pharmacology or Life sciences with strong knowledge on drug development process and biomarkers. Members are well aware of the Clinical Data sources and search methodology, efficient in searching clinical trials, scientific conferences and literature databases with good in text mining skills.
How do you screen patents?
We screen all the patents but patents with selective information on a specific biomarker or a panel of biomarkers with experimental data will be selected for curation.
How do you identify latest information on biomarkers?
We have a dedicated team who follow news on biomarkers, assay kits, scientific conferences, clinical trials and results. Hence we ensure all the latest information of biomarkers on GOBIOM .
Can I evaluate the database before taking a decision?
Sure, you can evaluate GOBIOM with free trial access. To get a trial access you can raise request by clicking on Evaluation request of GOBIOM website or write to suppot.gobiom@excelra.com Along with evaluation access you can also request for demo of GOBIOM which can be arranged at your convenience.
What are the external databases to which gobiom is connected?
GOBIOM is cross linked with well know publicly available databases includes, NCBI PubMed, Gene, Kegg Pathways, PubChem, Clinicaltrial.gov, Scientific conference web sites, Patent database, WHO ICD-10 database, ChemID Plus etc.
Does GOBIOM support my browser?
For the best experience, we recommend you to use Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher as your browser. Please make sure that JavaScript and style sheets are enabled in the browser. Your computer should have Sun Java JRE version 1.5 or higher, and Java should be enabled in the browser. This site is best viewed at a resolution of 1024x768.
How to send feedback?
We would love to hear from you. Just click on the feedback link and submit your feedback.
What should I do if I forgot my password?
If you forget your password, click on “Forgot Password” option in login page. Enter your email address/user name in the text box provided, to have a new temporary password mailed to you.
What should I do If I don’t receive my forgot Password email?
Rarely our emails are blocked or they are sent to the spam folder. If you have not received the lost password email into your Spam or Bulk Mail folder, you can contact the GOBIOM support team email Support.gobiom@excelra.com for further assistance.
How do I change a password?
You can change your password by clicking the My account link after logging in. Select the change password option in My account section to change your password.
Can I change my user name?
Sorry, it's not possible to change your username once you've signed up for GOBIOM account.
What should I do if I forget my username?
We maintain a record of all the user details. If you no longer have the email sent to you with username and password. You can recover your username by contacting the support team. Your username will be sent to you via email.
I'm having trouble logging in?
We're sorry that you're experiencing trouble accessing GOBIOM. Some possible reasons for this are:
• Logging in with wrong username or password
• Unsupported browser
• cookies
If you still can't login, contact the support team at support.gobiom@excelra.com.
I'm having trouble loading the site?
We're sorry that you're experiencing trouble accessing GOBIOM. Loading problems may occur if a setting in your browser, or in third-party software, conflicts with GOBIOM. To solve this problem, first check that you are using a supported browser, then try clearing your browser's cache and then firewall problems. If you still have problems in loading the page please contact support.gobiom@excelra.com.
I have a problem not described here?
If your problem is not described here, first check to make sure that you are using one of the supported browsers. If your browser is supported and you are still experiencing a problem, please contact support.gobiom@excelra.com.
Why I am not able to receive email alerts I have subscribed to?
Several factors can prevent you from receiving GOBIOM email.
• Correct Email Address: Verify that the email address on your account is correct or not.
• Edit or Disable Spam Filters: Edit spam or junk mail filters on your email account.
• If you are still experiencing the problem, please contact support.gobiom@excelra.com.

Salient features of GOBIOM

  1. Controlled vocabulary throughout
  2. Web-enabled search application for quick and easy access
  3. Intuitive User Interface with comprehensive search features
  4. Instant generation of biomarker reports
  5. Data export options in custom format to Excel, XML and PDF
  6. Provision of user-required data in their own formats
  7. Easy integration with client proprietary data
  8. On-demand service for any biomarker addition into the database
  9. Competitive intelligence analysis
  10. "Alert a Colleague" option to share the data with other users
  11. Biweekly update with auto alert function
  12. Custom alert by therapeutic area and biomarker name
  13. On-demand training sessions
  14. A dedicated server located in USA with backup server in India

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